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Ok, not sure if this even the right logic for this. But what the end game that is planned is I need to come up with a method of retrieving contents of files within a given directory, and then output them as they would be if called up through normal conventions include(), require(), whatever.

The basis for this is, the sales team wishes the ability to edit specific help documents that can easily be added/removed/edited via FTP to a specific directory. However, this directory is out of bounds so to speak from the normal MVC logic, but still contained within the MVC install.

So with that I am trying to come up with a default template for them to work with that I can grab bits from between certain points and display it without using a database for this purpose. Ideas? I haven't tried anything yet just to save time for that question. I am looking for an idea or 2 to figure out how to start the process, which would be best means of tackling the issue at hand

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I'd say you already named two good ideas. I see nothing wrong with them. – hakre Nov 2 '12 at 4:12
if it is inside your mvc install, why not simply create a "views" directory where the uploads are stored as .phtml? and use ->render() ? – ArneRie Nov 2 '12 at 6:09

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