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I have simple Qt GUI application which uses QtWebkit. I am loading complex page with a lot of nested IFRAME-tags. And I want to traverse complete DOM tree (like Chrome browser does in debug-panel) including content of iframes.

My code is:

QWebElement doc = ui->webView->page()->mainFrame()->documentElement();
QWebElement iframe = doc.findFirst("iframe[id=someid]");
QWebFrame *webFrame = ....? // how to get the QWebFrame for an iframe/frame QWebElement?

Note: I can traverse over all frames (including nested):

void MainWindow::renderFramesTree(QWebFrame *frame, int indent)
    QString s;
    s.fill(' ', indent * 4);
    ui->textLog->appendPlainText(s + " " + frame->frameName());
    foreach (QWebFrame *child, frame->childFrames())
        renderFramesTree(child, indent + 1);

But my question is not about that. I need to get corresponding QWebFrame* of iframe-QWebElement.


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Each QWebFrame has QList<QWebFrame *> QWebFrame::childFrames () const method. Each frame has also QString QWebFrame::frameName () const. Combining both may let you find what you need.

QWebFrame * frameImLookingFor = NULL;
foreach(QWebFrame * frame, ui->webView->page()->mainFrame()->childFrames())
    if (frame->frameName() == QLatin1String("appFrame"))
        frameImLookingFor = frame;

if (frameImLookingFor)
    // do what you need
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Yes, this is good solution but only if you know name or id of <iframe> tag. Point of quesin is how to get QWebFrame which is loaded by taken iframe-QWebElement –  Andrew Nov 16 '12 at 0:22
I used 3 factors for this: name or id, geometry and source URL. You can compare geometry from frame and webelement, src attribute and URL from frame. But even so, in some rare cases I wasn't able to match frames tree to iframe nodes, but very unfrequently –  varela Nov 23 '12 at 19:09
  • run selector on current frame
  • if it returns something that's good we found that our webframe is on the current frame, lets call this element X :
    • now get all frame elements using selector "iframe,frame" from current page
    • loop trough all those elements and try to match them with X frame this way you'll be able to find exact INDEX of the X frame in document
    • finally you are now able to focus on child frame with that INDEX
  • else this means that selector is not found in this frame
    • loop trough all child frames and repeat the whole process for each child frame
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