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I hava got "icon_abc".match(/\bicon_(.*?)\b/); worked , which prints ["icon_abc", "abc"]

But when I use "icon=abc".match(/\bicon=(.*?)\b/);, I can't get abc, it prints ["icon=", ""]

How to match these special symbols in Javascript? such as: = - ?

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= is not a special symbol in that sense.

This would do, for example:


So would this:


You need to clarify your requirement further, so that the entire field of possible strings is covered.

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removes the ?

["icon=abc", "abc"]
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The problem is that * means to match zero or more of the preceding RE, and the ? modifier makes it non-greedy, so it will return the shortest possible match. In this case, a zero-length string matches, since the word boundary is right there.

Changing to + means it will match 1 or more, so you won't get an empty match when it's already at a word boundary.

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