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I can easily set a Currency using it's ISO 4217 code, such as "USD". This will allow me to grab the dollar symbol using .getSymbol(), however, how the heck do I get the display name "dollar" out of the Currency?

I have a spinner, I'd like to populate with the names of currencies like "dollar", "euro", "yen", etc. however, I can't extract these from the ISO 4217 codes. Shouldn't this be quite easy?

Please note, I can't use simple string arrays to solve this. That's because I grab the default locale and add it's currency to the spinner mentioned above. This is the reason I need to be able to grab currency display names dynamically, I don't know all the currencies users may use.


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Refer to this question.

Can I get a text description of an ISO currency code in Java?

It might answer your question. There are many answers on that page.

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Wow, that's a bit rough. The feature is minor, those workarounds are too much bulk for the task at hand. I believe, unfortunately the most efficient way to do this is to grab the World's 20 most popular currencies, use a string array and offer these choices only. I believe this is reasonable and how most apps do currency anyway. It's too bad they simply couldn't have added a method to grab the display name, it's clearly coded using the ISO 4217 standard... –  AutoM8R Nov 2 '12 at 23:51
Thank you for at least trying to answer, I appreciate it Sas. –  AutoM8R Nov 2 '12 at 23:53

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