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I would greatly appreciate help with CouchDb...

I have loaded CouchDB on my Mac running Mountain Lion (10.7.5). I believe I loaded the Lion version as the Mountain Lion option required I have 10.8. From the web browser CouchDb is running fine. I have a database running and collecting twitter data from a python script triggered nightly by a cronjob.

The problem is that I wanted to create an admin account, I made the changes required in the local.ini file but when I tried to restart the CouchDb server the command doesn't work. My shell (either Bash or SH) does not recognize the command that is supposed to stop Couch.

I have tried both couchdb -d and couchdb stop but I get the same message - sh: couchdb: command not found.

I Assumed that it was a path issue so I tried running the command in the CouchDb directory but get the same result. One issue that I am considering is that I have loaded Couch in the wrong directory but I have tried running this command in all of the CouchDb related directories I found. I am sure I am missing something but any advice on how to solve this problem would be appreciated. I considered reloading everything but I would like to use that as a last resort.

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How did you load/install CouchDB? did you use homebrew? build-couchdb? download from the website? (For the sh command not found if you were in the directory, maybe you just needed ./couchdb -d?) – natevw Jan 16 '13 at 18:48

After I started Couch DB in OSX I can see its process with:

$ launchctl list | grep couchdb
4578    -   [0x0-0x101101].org.apache.couchdb

and I can stop it with:

$ launchctl stop '[0x0-0x101101].org.apache.couchdb'

Perhaps there is a simpler way, but I just checked it works. You can also see in the list of available launchctl commands (launchctl help) load described as "Load configuration files and/or directories". I am also quite sure that there is some REST API in Couch DB for stopping/restarting.

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Thanks very much for the response. When I try launchctl list | grep couchdb - nothing happens. This makes me think that the install went awry or perhaps I have path issues? I am not very strong in Unix so any advice is appreciated. – Shawn Nov 2 '12 at 13:19
Update - I was able to stop the process in Finder and then relaunch it from Finder. I would still like to be able to do this from terminal but my immediate issue is solved. Thanks for any help. – Shawn Nov 2 '12 at 13:39

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