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I just need the name of the file, but when I click the save button it kinda uploads the file (big files will produce an exception) and I don't want the page to "try" to upload the file.


<asp:FileUpload runat="server" ID="txtPDFPath" />

Code Behind:

Reference r = new Reference() { R_CatalogNumber = txtCatalogNumber.Text.ToLower(), R_PDFPath = txtPDFPath.FileName.ToLower() };
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So the workaround I figured out was to use a simple 'input type="file"' and a asp textbox with 'Style=""display:none"' and with some javascript set the text of the textbox to the file input value, note that you will get c:\fakepath\filename so you can use the Path class to get just the file name... it wokrs perfectly...

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