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when i trie to build c# project(project for road sign detection system), that could build and debug without excption. but when i click button in main interface of the project, there was an exception as **

"Unable to create ocr model using Path tessdata and language eng."

and that highlighted code is

public void Init(String dataPath, String language, OcrEngineMode mode)
         /*if (!IsEngineModeSupported(mode))
            throw new ArgumentException(String.Format("The Ocr engine mode {0} is not supported in tesseract v{1}", mode, Version));*/
         int initResult= TessBaseAPIInit(_ptr, dataPath, language, mode);
         if (initResult != 0) throw new ArgumentException(String.Format("Unable to create ocr model using Path {0} and language {1}.", dataPath, language));

please help me to solve this. thank you very much

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The dataPath must point to your "tessdata" directory containing language files like eng.cube.bigrams, eng.cube.params, eng.traineddata and so on (examples for english).

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