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I have the following code (or something equivalent to this) to generate bind expressions. I use these expressions along with boost.function_types & luabind.tag_function to expose some functions in our framework to lua.


#define MAKE_BIND_EXPR_GEN(_, N, __)                                         \
template < >                                                                 \
struct MakeBindExpr < N >                                                    \
{                                                                            \
  template < typename FP >                                                   \
  struct result                                                              \
  {                                                                          \
    typedef BOOST_TYPEOF_TPL(boost::bind(                                    \
              FP(0), BOOST_PP_ENUM(N, BOOST_BIND_ARG, BOOST_PP_EMPTY)        \
            )) type;                                                         \
  };                                                                         \
  template < typename FP >                                                   \
  static typename result < FP >::type get(FP const & f)                      \
  {                                                                          \
    return boost::bind(f, BOOST_PP_ENUM(N, BOOST_BIND_ARG, BOOST_PP_EMPTY)); \
  }                                                                          \
};                                                                           \


This is working. However, is there a less ugly way of implementing MakeBindExpr?

The following is what I am able to do now... if you are interested to know...

//  N is arity
//  F is function type
//  FP is function pointer type
template < typename N, typename FP >
typename MakeBindExpr < N >::template result < FP >::type makeBindExpr(FP const & fp);

//  FP is a function pointer type 
template < typename FP >
void bind2Lua(char const * const fname, FP const & f)
  namespace ft = boost::function_types;
  using ft::function_type;
  using ft::function_arity;
  typedef function_type < FP >::type F;
  typedef function_arity < F >::type Arity;
  luabind::tag_function < F >(makeBindExpr < Arity::value >::template get(f));

deque < string >(string const &, string const &);
bind2Lua("names", getNames);
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I guess, it'll be "cheaper" to use luabridge "to expose some functions to lua". getGlobalNamespace (L).addFunction ("names", getNames) should be enough if getNames has conforming input parameters and return type – Dmitry Ledentsov Nov 2 '12 at 8:56
Well... getNames is an example. The framework exposes a lot of function in MPL & fusion vectors. – zrb Nov 2 '12 at 11:31

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