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I have a facebook page and i am using Graph API to fetch the data. But I where i can find For which reasons we don't received data from facebook page.

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Can you share your code? –  senthilbp Nov 2 '12 at 7:01
are asking about facebook policy? or you cant get data from facebook because of a bug in your code ? –  thomasbabuj Nov 2 '12 at 7:20
@thomasbabuj - Thanks for reply.. I dont have any bug but i need all the reasons behind this. –  Anant Ghate Nov 2 '12 at 7:51

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Facebook has several security features to protect people's information, to let people control what they share, and to let developers safely request access to this information. Once user authorize your app, you will have access to user's data. User has the option to delete are edit the app permission (from accounts -> app setttings page).

The Login Dialog

Check out this Facebook Platform Policies

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-thanks for reply again –  Anant Ghate Nov 2 '12 at 9:58

one reason I know is when the size of data being fetched is more than certain limit, though I don't know exactly what that size limit is.

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thanks for reply...... –  Anant Ghate Nov 2 '12 at 9:58

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