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I have a model like this

class Question < ActiveRecord::Base
  attr_accessible :kind, :question, :state
  belongs_to :section
  validates :question, :kind, :state, :presence => true
  validates :question, :uniqueness => {:scope => [:section_id]}
  validates :kind, :inclusion => {:in => %w(radio check stars)}
  validates :state, :inclusion => {:in => %w(new active answered canceled)}

is it posible to list all accepted values for some field ? For example get the list of %w(radio check stars) from the field "kind"

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There may be a nicer way to do this, but some playing around in the console got me this:

Question.validators_on(:kind).select{|v| v.kind_of? ActiveModel::Validations::InclusionValidator}.first.options
# => {:in=>["radio", "check", "stars"]}`
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A bit more succinct

VALID_KINDS = %w(radio check stars) validates_inclusion_of :kind, in: VALID_KINDS


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