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I'm new to rubyrep and currently using rubyrep-1.2.0 version for PostgreSQL Master-Master replication. All data types except bytea are getting replicated properly. While replicating bytea column, it seems like the data is escaped twice. I'm using postgreSQL9.2 version and I have tried both bytea_output = 'hex' and bytea_output = 'escape' options in postgres configuration without any luck.

left database bytea column value:


The bytea data from left is replicated to right database as:


Anything, am I missing in the rubyrep/postgresql configuration?

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Something must be messing with the values during the replication process. In PostgreSQL 9.1, I can repeatedly cast back and forth between bytea and text.

select 'test'::bytea;

returns \x74657374

The following also return the same value:

select 'test'::bytea::text;
select 'test'::bytea::text::bytea;

this makes me wonder if Ruby-rep is double escaping the data itself, or not unescaping but escaping anyway.

At this point, given my tests on the PostgreSQL side I think the appropriate response is to take this up as a bug with the ruby-rep developers. This has to be a bug in their code.

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