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I'm writing a web app using ASP.NET MVC4 and SQL Server 2012.

At some point in my web app I need to store some data from different pages in my web app and after showing the whole data on a single page to the user, if the user confirmed and there were no validation errors I will store the confirmed data to SQL Server. This web app has a huge number of users.

Is it logical and performance wise to use SQL Server CE as a temporary storage and store the data before confirmation on SQL Server CE?

Are there any other options that I can use?

What about localDb?! is it better to use localDb instead of SQL Server CE in this case?

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Because of company policy and because of SQL Server CE constraint like the number of concurrent connections which is 256 i used another approach. I used serialization to keep state of my objects. something like this :

 public static string Serialize(this object o)
        var sw = new StringWriter(); 
        var formatter =  new LosFormatter();
        formatter.Serialize(sw, o);

        return sw.ToString(); 

    public static object Deserialize(this string data)
            return null; 

        var formatter = new LosFormatter();
        return formatter.Deserialize(data); 
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Have you considered using the session state to store values?

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yes, i have considered the session state, this webapp is written as service as a software and DB team won't allow the dev team to use DB in this scenario so i wanna find a workaround. this temporary data is large so saving , get query and parsing data can be a little messy and difficult. also this data should be serialized to xml and send to another service so i think session state is's that much of help in this case – 1AmirJalali Nov 2 '12 at 7:21
It sounds like your workaround is a bit of a hack. What are the reasons the DB team won't let you use the main database? Why not try your SQL CE approach and see if there is any performance issues? I know its not really a proper answer so I hope someone else can help. – Kevin Brydon Nov 2 '12 at 8:53

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