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While reading the FTP protocol specification from : (http://www.pcvr.nl/tcpip/ftp_file.htm). I came across this "FTP differs from the other applications that we've described because it uses two TCP connections to transfer a file". My question is, can FTP have multiple TCP connection for multiple parallel file transfer, for example can I transfer two files in parallel over two TCP connections, is this a matter of customization or standardization?

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While it would be theoretically possible to make an FTP server support multiple, concurrent transfers, it's not supported by the RFC or any known implementation.

The block is a simple one in that the control connection, after receiving a transfer request, does not return a final status or accept new commands until the data transfer is completed. Thus, though you could queue up another transfer request it wouldn't actually be processed by the server until the current one completes.

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No it can't. FTP uses a control connection for sending commands and a data connection that exists for the duration of the file transfer or directory listing retrieval, that's it.

For more information you can consult RFC 959, which defines the specs of the FTP protocol.

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You can however log in with the same user several times simultaneously (limited by server settings). –  Ken Fyrstenberg Nov 2 '12 at 7:43

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