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I would like jquery validate update for Unique Email Address in databaes.

Example default loading value in textbox email is

in database are,,

If user type so it will then return true (Can save data)

If use type or then return false (already exist)

My problem when user load default data( ) in textbox cannot save it into database,

except I lost foucs on text box email then it can save successfully


//MySQL class:
$email = $_REQUEST["email_address"];
//$email = ''; // Just for testing.
$validate = new mysql();
$checkemail = $validate->query("SELECT * FROM users WHERE email_address = '$email'");
if (count($checkemail) == 1){
$valid = "false";
} else {
$valid = "true";
echo $valid;

// jQuery
first_name: "required",
last_name: "required",
email_address: {
required: true,
email: true,
remote: "email-check.php"
email_address: {
remote: jQuery.format("{0} is already in use!")

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Please post code of email-check.php – imRcH Nov 2 '12 at 8:19

i do not think there is a valid way to meet your requiremnet. you may not validate email unique in front, but you can create a new ajax for validate email unique in server. and jquery validate is just for front.

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Try to start jQuery validation on blur or on focusout only.

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