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I'm working on a project which generates quite a few executables, libraries and configs, they need to be packed into different packages for deployment. The problem is, the inclusion of those targets/files is not mutual exclusive. One target/file can belong to multiple packages.

I'm using CMake 2.8.9 and trying CPack. I know it's kind of doable with install types. But my platform is Ubuntu, so on Archives/Debs are acceptable and they don't seem to support that.

With components/groups/parent groups it seems only possible to pack one target/file into one component/group.

Is there any way out of this?


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Well, I'll answer it myself for convinience of late comers: from CMake mail list, I got the answer: with cmake 2.8.9 or earlier (so far), run CPack multiple times with different component settings. That's a bit adhoc but does the job.

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To make it work, put: SET(CPACK_ARCHIVE_COMPONENT_INSTALL ON) SET(CPACK_COMPONENTS_ALL_IN_ONE_PACKAGE ON) in CMakeLists.txt and run: cpack -G ZIP -D CPACK_COMPONENTS_ALL="component_a;common" cpack -G ZIP -D CPACK_COMPONENTS_ALL="component_b;common" – Senyai Apr 29 '14 at 14:39

Why not use components? If I got it right, you want to generate more then one deb from your project.

I am achieving that like this:



When I call make package I get two deb's with the suffixes main and dev containing only what I specified with the INSTALL() statements.

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components are mutual exclusive, meaning that you can't pack one item to multiple packages – Ralph Zhang Nov 29 '12 at 1:40
Packing same files into multiple packages will lead to conflict between packages during installation. I think components will suit the needs in almost all real life scenarious. – VestniK Mar 20 '15 at 5:19

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