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Please help me with this code.. :D here is the model mlogin.php

db->where('id_user', $this->input->post('username')); $this->db->where('password', $this->input->post('pass')); $query = $this->db->get('user'); if($query->num_rows == 1){ RETURN true; } } function cek_page(){ $uname = $this->input->post('username'); $jenis_user = $this->db->select("`jenis_user` FROM `user` WHERE id_user = '".$uname."' "); if($jenis_user == 'member'){ RETURN "1"; }else if($jenis_user == 'agen komunitas'){ RETURN "2"; }else if($jenis_user == 'agen non-komunitas'){ RETURN "3"; }else{ RETURN null; } } } ?>


and this is the Controller.. login_control.php**

load->model('mlogin'); $query = $this->mlogin->cek_db(); if($query){ RETURN 'yes'; }else{ RETURN 'no'; } } public function user_masuk() { if($this->cek_user() == 'yes'){ $data['id_user'] = $this->input->post('username'); $data['password'] = $this->input->post('pass'); $this->load->model('mlogin'); $ju = $this->mlogin->cek_page(); $data_session = array('id_user'=> $data['id_user'], 'jenis_user' => $ju); $this->session->set_userdata($data_session); if($ju == '1'){ $this->load->view('welcome_message1'); }else if($ju == '2'){ $this->load->view('welcome_message2'); }else if($ju == '3'){ $this->load->view('welcome_message3'); }else{ //ERROR echo "ERROR"; } }else if($this->cek_user() == 'no'){ echo "Anda belum terdaftar menjadi MEMBER / AGEN"; }else{ echo"LOGIN GAGAL...."; } } public function logout(){ $this->session->sess_destroy(); redirect('view/index'); echo "anda telah berhasil logout"; } } ?>

the result is always "ERROR"... Please help me, i'm still newbie.. thank you :D

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