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According to wikipedia "An entity may be defined as a thing which is recognized as being capable of an independent existence and which can be uniquely identified". I don't get this independent existance because I've been given examples of entities such as "fees" or a "house sale", you can't have fees without taking a "class" and no "house sale" without having a house. Where am I confused?

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I agree with you - I don't think independent existence adds much to the definition.

It is better to think of an entity as something you might wish to store information about e.g.

order history
order item
address history

N.B. entities are never pluralised

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According to the german version of your article, an entitiy can be described as an "object" within the real world, which can be described with certain attributes.
e.g. a driver's license can be an entity, even if it's is rather abstract, because it can be described with attributes.

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