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I have ran into a weird issue with Xcode-s storyboards.

I have a good amount of view controllers in my board, and for some reason all of their view's origins are not 0. All of x origins are 160 and y origins are 240.

This is one of the view controller's view

All of the views look like they are still on top-left..

Weird thing also is that most of the view controller's subviews seem to have wrong coordinates as well.

This is a top view subview

Does anyone know what might be the issue here?

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Try to clean you project or restart you Xcode or restart your compute? Sometimes Xcode does not works fine. –  sunkehappy Nov 2 '12 at 8:48

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The thing here is that X in your example is not top-left referenced but center. Just click the top left dot in the inspector (origin) and you should see the 'correct' values. enter image description here

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This is a great answer! That red cross should be on the upper left corner. –  sunkehappy Nov 2 '12 at 8:57

Select the view controller then go to Attribute Inspector set size as "FreeForm"

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