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Can anyone recommend a good .NET based lexical analyser, preferably written in C#?

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ANTLR has a C# target

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ANTLR looks good in so far as it has lots of features, but the documentation is very poor. – David Arno Sep 26 '08 at 12:01
There's good documentation at ($24 PDF) – Mark Cidade Sep 26 '08 at 14:32
$24 is a lot of money for a PDF that I cannot preview before buying. Are you connected with the author, or recommending it because you have bought it and found it useful? – David Arno Sep 26 '08 at 16:27
Neither, but I do plan on buying the book. There's a free chapter excerpt at . – Mark Cidade Sep 27 '08 at 22:10
Thanks for the link marxidad. It looks good from what that chapter shows. Guess I'll take the plunge... – David Arno Oct 3 '08 at 23:21

Download the Visual Studio SDK; it includes a managed parser/lexer generator.

(Edit: It was written on my university campus, apparantly :D)

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They use gplex and gppg, not sure if they changed anything to it though. – leppie Sep 25 '08 at 7:33
AFAIK, they just changed the name. – TraumaPony Sep 25 '08 at 7:35
Any, just had a look, they have some new version out! Yay! – leppie Sep 25 '08 at 7:39
What is the name of the SDK's p/l generator? – Kevin Hsu May 16 '11 at 7:25

gplex and cs_lex

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