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When I turn off the firewall, I can access my XAMPP website through other LAN computers. When I turn on firewall then I cannot connect to the machine anymore. Could someone tell me what's happening?

my os is windows xp. thanks.

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Go to Control panel - > go to Windows Firewall -> then Advance Settings ->

  1. Click Inbound Rules
  2. right Click the inbound rules and select "New Rule..."
  3. select option port and click next
  4. select all local ports or your port number for apache server. and click next
  5. select option allow the connection and click next
  6. next
  7. Give name Allow All Local Port For Xampp

Try This, I hope it will Work for you.

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it work me atleast , thanks –  sandeepKumar Nov 6 '13 at 8:28

Well , first of all, firewall on host is blocking your connection. If you are using Windows firewall or any other firewall You need to make an excaption rule for XAMPP.

So, on computer where is web site hosted go to Control panel-> Windows Firewall and uncheck Don't allow exceptions checkbox. Now open Exceptions tab and click on a button Add program and locate Xampp and Apache. Add them to firewall exception rule.

Maybe you should do this test on some Virtual Machine (VMware, Virtualbox..etc) becouse opening ports and adding exceptions if this machine is connected to Internet is not secure.

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I modified the privileges settings in phpmyadmin for many ips and my computer name (Chandler). Then all of a sudden it's working..

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