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I was looking for a good exploit to use as my final project for security class so I though for JRE 7u5 bug to exploit using Metasploit.

Where I can download that version of plugin for FireFox/IE/Chrome, for whatever browser?

I Googled for hours now and I can't find a link =?

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While the older downloads are not listed any more, I think you'll find that they follow a well-defined naming pattern. For example, look at the download links on this page and modify as needed:

Not sure about Chrome, but I believe installing JRE on Windows adds it as browser plug-in for IE and Firefox. If not, follow these instructions.

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Well, the link you posted it takes me to different version but this link takes me where I need to go. :) –  HelpNeeder Nov 2 '12 at 19:36

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