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I am trying to make a patch with multiple files in different directories. I don't want to include all my uncommitted files as I have a lot not applicable to the patch.

I know of this command to create a patch with a specific file, only issue is this is one file:

svn diff -up original.php > filename.patch

Is there any way to do this with multiple files in different directories ?


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You can try used: svn diff -r BEGIN_REVISION:END_REVISION > patch_file.patch This will make the patch on all modified files.

If you want create patch for concrete files, you can enumerate them before >.

svn diff dir_name_1/first.php dir_name_2/second.php > patch_file.patch

For one directory: svn diff -uRp dir_name > patch_file.patch

I'll hope it helps you.

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Great that helps, enumerating the files with directory structure before the > is exactly what i was looking for ^^ – Sunjalo Nov 2 '12 at 10:45
According to This shows only the differences with a few lines of context. It is harder to read than a visual file compare, but will show all the changes together – onmyway133 Feb 25 '13 at 13:24
eclipse failed but command line always works! thank you – Sunil B N Mar 1 at 9:22

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