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I am just a little confuse to how write the below query :

I have two tables

ID      TEXT
1       test1
2       test2
3       test3
4       test4
5       test5


ID      userID      tblone_ID
1       50          1
2       100         1
3       100         2

I am looking to get rows of tbl_one which are not appear in tbl_two but for the certain user .

for example by below select :

select * from tbl_one, tbl_two 
where (tbl_two.tblone_ID !=tbl_one.ID and tbl_two.userID==50) 

my desire resault will be

Desire resalt:
ID      TEXT
2       test2
3       test3
4       test4
5       test5
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FROM    tableA a
        LEFT JOIN tableB b
          on a.ID = b.tblone_ID AND
              b.userID = 50
WHERE   b.tblone_ID IS NULL
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select * 
from tbl_one 
where ID not in (select tblone_ID 
                 from tbl_two 
                 where userID = 50) 
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select * from tbl_one where tbl_one.ID not in ( Select tblone_ID
FRom tbl_two where userID=50)

SELECT * from tbl_one inner Join tbl_two on tbl_one.ID !=tblone_ID  where userID=50
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SELECT * FROM tbl_one
LEFT JOIN tbl_two on tbl_one.ID = tbl_two.tblone_ID
WHERE tbl_one.ID IS NULL AND tbl_two.userID = 50
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you may try this

select * from tbl_one t1 
where not in (select tblone_id from tbl_two where tbl_two.userid=50)
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