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I have two classes, User and Topic which are building a OnetoMany relationship. Now I have written a Test where I save a new Topic object, check if it's saved and delete it afterwards.

The problem is if I don't detach the object in the find-method I get this exception

Object with id "xxx" is managed by a different Object Manager

If I detach the object the find-method returns a Topic where the author property is null. I can't figure out how to design my model (OneToMany) and transactions to create a simple CRUD dao.



public class Topic implements Serializable {
    @Persistent(valueStrategy = IdGeneratorStrategy.IDENTITY)
    private Key key;
    private User author;
    private String title;


public class User implements Serializable {

    private String username;
    private String mail;
    @Persistent(mappedBy = "author")
    private List<Topic> topics;


public Topic find(Key key) {
    PersistenceManager pm = PersistenceManagerService.get()
    Transaction tx = pm.currentTransaction();
    Topic t = null;
    try {
        Topic to = (Topic) pm.getObjectById(Topic.class, key);
        t = pm.detachCopy(to);
    } finally {
        if (tx.isActive()) {
    return t;
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