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I am using jquery.editinplace.js which is excellent but the problem I have it that I have multiple instances on a page - therefore need to somehow send a variable with it so it knows which row to update in the table

Can the ID be variable? e.g. #my_id123465, #my_id76543 then i can strip the #my_id in the backend PHP and be left with variable which tells me which row to update

So, example html for the page is currently: (there will be multiple of these)

<div id="my_notes" title="Click to edit">'.$item[comments].'</div>

And the jquery which is fired:


    saving_animation_color: "#ECF2F8",
    url: '/pages/includes/edit_in_place.php',


I'd almost like the code to be something like

$("#my_notes*").editInPlace({ // note the wildcard* 

But that doesn't work

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Possible but seems catchy. What are you trying to achieve? Can you elaborate a bit more precise? –  user1534664 Nov 2 '12 at 10:28
@user1534664 yeah, each text to be edited is linked to a specific item a user has added - therefore the item has a 'comments' field and an item_id so i want to carry the item_id to the js –  Darren Sweeney Nov 2 '12 at 10:30
if you have multiple instances couldn't you use classes instead of the id, and then have the id to be the actual id you wish to update? –  Modika Nov 2 '12 at 10:33

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Not tested, but could something like this work.

Note i have changed the id to a class identifier if you have multiple instances


    saving_animation_color: "#ECF2F8",
    url: function(item){
         var id = $(item).attr("id");
         return '/pages/includes/edit_in_place.php?id=' + id;

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Figured it out same time you posted albeit a little simpler - it already has a callback of #element_id so all I had to do was as you said, change to class and add id <div class="my_notes" id="'.$item[item_id].'" title="Click to edit"> - will accept as soon as it lets me –  Darren Sweeney Nov 2 '12 at 10:39

Try doing this:

$("div^='#my_notes'").editInPlace({ // etc

Have a look at the docs for this:


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