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In my Sample Application(java+Flex) Java class method like..

public class Sample

public ArrayList method1()
ArrayList al =new ArrayList();

And in Flex side connect the Blazeds connections... all are done Perfectly and My MXML file code is

          public var userService:Sample = new Sample();
            protected function init_Call(event:FlexEvent):void
                var rpcSearchResult:AsyncToken = userService.method1();
                rpcSearchResult.addResponder(new mx.rpc.Responder(success, failure));
            [Bindable]public var ac:ArrayCollection = new ArrayCollection();

            public function success(event:ResultEvent):void
                ac=event.result as ArrayCollection;
                Alert.show("Result : "+ac.getItemAt(0,0));

            public function failure(event:FaultEvent):void

                Alert.show("This is Fault Event");

... ...

<s:DataGrid id="dataGrid" left="12" right="12" top="49" bottom="54" horizontalCenter="0"
                requestedRowCount="4" verticalCenter="-3" dataProvider="{ac}">
        <s:GridColumn dataField="one" headerText="FirstValue"></s:GridColumn>
        <s:GridColumn dataField="two" headerText="SecondValue"></s:GridColumn>



But I don't get any value on DataGrid but ResultEvent function Alert show 'one','two' values correctly.

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I suspect the problem may be in the variable that you assign to Datagrid. Try set "ac" as [BINDABLE] or replace your function success for this following:

public function success(event:ResultEvent):void
            datagrid.dataProvider = event.result;

I hope it will be helpful.

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