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So I really like the Google Closure integration in Play Framework 2.0.X. Now I want only some configuration for the google closure compiler ( seeing that it's possible from the official google closure page ).

Is it possible to add custom google closure settings/configuration for google closure compiler in Play 2.0.4.

I know that it should be done in Build.scala, but have no clue of what to add

Say i want SIMPLE compiler settings instead of ADVANCED, how can i do this ?

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I realize this is an old question, but maybe this will be helpful to someone. I'm assuming you're using Scala.

Here's what I found after some code diving. Adding the following lines to your project settings in project/Build.scala should enable some advanced features:

  closureCompilerOptions += "advancedOptimizations",
  closureCompilerOptions += "checkControlStructures",
  closureCompilerOptions += "checkTypes",
  closureCompilerOptions += "checkSymbols"

There's also checkCaja; these are defined in play.core.jscompile.JavascriptCompiler

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I don't think, you can influence much on Closure configuration, but you could try what is suggested in the official documentation.

But I've seen some commits go by about Google Closure on the 2.1 branch on Github. That might change in the next Play update.

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