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exactly as the title states, I am looking to transfer a website, built in Symfony2, from a web server, onto my localhost.

I have not done this before, and I am not sure what the steps would be to achieve the desired result, which woul be to have the website run perfectly from my localhost.

I have installed a blank version of Symfony2 onto my localhost, but I am not sure where to go from here?

Sorry for the vague question.

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That would be mainly 3 steps :

  1. Download the entire Symfony2 site folder into your localhost. That folder would be the one containing the "app", "src", "web", etc. folder.
  2. Export the database from the live webserver, and import it in your localhost. That could be done using PhpMyAdmin...
  3. Open the file "parameters.ini" located in "app/config", and change the database settings to match the one on your localhost.

That should probably do it. Please notice that there is no need to install a blank copy of Symfony2, since you'll get it anyway by downloading your whole application.

If something is still not working, you may want to have a look at .htaccess files located in the root folder, or in the "web" folder.

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Perfect! Thank you! – Odyss3us Dec 3 '12 at 19:57

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