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Situation is quite difficult and i don't have enough time to solve it properly, so is there any way to use jQuery with Joomla's squeeze box modal windows instead of MooTools. Not delete MooTools, but just use jQuery parallel. At the moment jQuery does not react on any id, class, and etc. Only helps onclick="someFunctionName();" in which is jQuery.

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You need to provide a lot more information or maybe a link in order to properly diagnose the issue.

However, chances are that you just need to call the noconflict function to eliminate the conflict.

If that doesn't work, post some code so we can see what we are working with.

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Please update your post and i will accept it. After adding noConflict also need to add rel="handler: 'adopt'" - by default it is clone (just founded it in joomla js source). After it all works fine. – user1692333 Nov 2 '12 at 12:28

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