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When I set shrinkToFit to true, everything is ok with data rows but there are some problems with header columns like in a picture. Their with is not correct. Can someone help me to solve this? enter image description here

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shrinkToFit: true is default option of jqGrid. So setting shrinkToFit: true should change nothing. If you have some problem you should post JavaScript code of jqGrid and probably test JSON data which can be used to reproduce the problem. –  Oleg Nov 2 '12 at 13:03

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You need to use


But note that jqGrid get width from parent node,so there can be issues if you use float:

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Steps to reproduce this issue in my case:

1) Setup grid with

shrinkToFit: true;

2) Call

.jqGrid('setGroupHeaders' ...)

3) Change grid width by


and you have shifted headers

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