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I am having trouble understanding what does following windows batch file do, can somebody explain:

for /f %%i in ("%0") do set curpath=%%~dpi
cd /d %curpath% 
/*Some other code...*/
cd /d %curpath%
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%0 is the full path to the .bat file itself (if run from another directory) and ~dpi is a modifier to extract the drive and directory from a path omitting the file name, so this snippet sets the current drive & directory to the one in which the batch file lives.

I can't see the reason for using a FOR, %~dp0 does the same thing in one go.

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Not only does %~dp0 do the same thing in one go, it is also more correct. The FOR version only looks at the first "word" if the path contains any space characters. Also, %0 is not the full path, but just the first word that was typed on the command line (usually the name of the batch file). It may contain a relative path. –  Klitos Kyriacou Nov 2 '12 at 14:45

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