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The facebook graph api ( resolves to almost every time. However, in some cases the DNS result ends up in The latter host does not respont, is not ping-able and thus, sometimes API requests fail.

A friend (which is a facebook app developer as well) confirmed this behavior with his server. Another friend's DNS simply did not resolve to, so he had no problems.

What could i do? any suggestions?

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You could try to intercept the cases where it fails and retry resolving or just use a static preprogrammed IP (if you notice failure). It's just a stop-gap method but it seems to me the problem lies with facebook's (DNS) servers so a full fix of the problem at your side is difficult

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yes, indeed. i modified the /etc/hosts to resolve and to one ip address that works. hopefully they won't change their set of adresses until they fix the error. :) :) :) – Julian Richter Nov 5 '12 at 12:31

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