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Search count of words within a string using SQL

I have a table TABLE1 as follows

Col1    Col2
1   Hai Hello Hai
2   Hello Hai Hai Hai
3   R R R
4   R R R
5   Hello Hello Hello

Now If I am searching for a workd "Hai" I want the result as follows

Col1    Col2            Cout_of_Stirng_Match
1   Hai Hello Hai       2
2   Hello Hai Hai Hai   3

Kindly help me.

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select col1, len(replace(col2, @word, @word + @not_used_char)) 
- len(col2) where len(replace(col2, @word, @word + @not_used_char)) 
- len(col2) > 0 as Cout_of_String_Match

See Search count of words within a string using SQL

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create a function as below and rest is a simple query , do that yourself

 CREATE FUNCTION [dbo].[ufn_CountString]
    ( @pInput VARCHAR(8000), @pSearchString VARCHAR(100) )

        RETURN (LEN(@pInput) - 
                LEN(REPLACE(@pInput, @pSearchString, ''))) /

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Thanks a lot for your quick help: 1 more small question ( slight modification in the actual question).If I am searching for the words both "hai" OR "Hello" ( At a time by using OR condition) I want the result as follows: Col1 Col2 Matched_Word 1 Hai Hello Hai Hai, Hello 2 Hello Hai Hai Hai Hai, Hello 5 Hello Hello Hello Hello – Venkateswarlu Avula Nov 2 '12 at 13:13

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