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I am receiving some image from web-service and store them into my app document folder. Now I have create an image library with my app name in iPhone device. Now. I want to show the images in this image library.

For saving the system image I am using this code -

[self.library1 addAssetURL:url toAlbum:@"My_App_Name" withCompletionBlock:^(NSError *error) {
                if (error!=nil) {
                    NSLog(@"Big error: %@", [error description]);

but this is not work when I get the url of my document folder image. Help me out or gave any solution.

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iOS5 includes new API in the AssetsLibrary framework, which afford you the chance to manage your app’s own photo album inside the user’s photo library.

I think it is easy peasy. Your app should create an UIImage and will just need to pass it to the below method along with the album name and a block to handle.


You can see more details here

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