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I have used SQL*LOADER in Oracle full client for bulk upload using ctl files. But I am planning to move to instant client in which SQL*LOADER doesn't work. I found from the Oracle OCI reference that I can use Direct Path Loads in OCI. Does this mean, that I will be able to use Direct Path Loads using Oracle Instant Client? Can you point me how some good links\tutorials how to use this?

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Oracle instant client does not contain sql*loader. Some people manage to get it working by copying sqlldr executable into the instant client directory as sqlldr does not rely on any server side component. The question is : is it worth the trouble? And of course: it's not supported by Oracle.

Check out this thread:

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Thanks but I've searched a lot of forums but all say "SQL*LOADER" doesnt work with Instant Client. I need to know about Direct Path API in Instant client and how to use it for bulk upload from files. – Onnesh Nov 5 '12 at 4:21

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