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I'm using Fabric.js and I've created a fabric canvas object at one place.

var x = new fabric.Canvas("mycanvas");

Now at another place, I want to access this object where 'x' won't be available. So how can I get the same fabric canvas object.

I don't wanna change the scope of x or pass x as arg.

Also, how to get the toDataURL from the fabric canvas object?

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If you don't make the reference available, it won't be able to be accessed. That's how scope works. –  alex Nov 2 '12 at 12:44

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Assuming that mycanvas is the ID of a Canvas element, you could store the reference to the fabric object on the Canvas element itself:

var x = new fabric.Canvas("mycanvas");
document.getElementById("mycanvas").fabric = x;

You can then retrieve that object any time you want with:

var y = document.getElementById("mycanvas").fabric;
var url = y.toDataURL("png", 1);
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