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Since I upgraded to Jelly Bean 4.1.1 I have an unexpected sliding animation whenever changing the margins of any RelativeLayout programmatically. This happens if for example I change margins from (10, 10, 200, 200) to (20, 20, 220, 220), so meaning that because of the margins the layout will actually change position.

The model I used for development is a Samsung Galaxy SIII.

Is this something new that Google implemented on this version? or something specific from Samsung? I can't find on the API any reference on this.

Anyone knows how to override this sliding animation which I haven't in fact set at all?


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As of 3.0 there is a LayoutTransition property android:animateLayoutChanges, that you can set on a view. See here Animating Layout Changes

Strange that it would be doing it automatically without you having set it. Maybe that is default behaviour on the S3 if not explicitly set.

Try setting android:animateLayoutChanges="false" in the parent view in your activity's xml layout?

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