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I have a dialogue in GTK# that gets opened by a mouse click, and after clicking a button in it, the dialogue should be closed again. Do I have to call both methods Hide() and Destroy() on the window?

Here is my code to launch the dialogue:

protected virtual void ConfigureDialogue (object sender, System.EventArgs e)
    MyConfigWindow myConfWindow = new MyConfigWindow ();
    this.Sensitive = false;
    myConfWindow.Run ();
    this.Sensitive = true;

And here is the relevant part of the config window:

public partial class MyConfigWindow  : Gtk.Dialog

    public MyConfigWindow ()

    protected virtual void onSave (object sender, System.EventArgs e)
        this.Destroy ();

When I only call this.Destroy () the main window gets sensitive again (therefore myConfWindow.Run () has ended), but the dialogue is still visible.

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Your missing the destroy call in the ConfigureDialog procedure ...

  this.Sensitive = false; 
  result =;
  if (result == gtk.RESPONSE_CLOSE:)
  this.Sensitive = true;

Hope that helps.

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