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I have an image i need to rotate to an angle then draw it to the canvas at a point. I currently have this:

var image = roach.image; = 'rotate(' + roach.heading + 'deg)';
this.gameContext.drawImage(image, roach.position.x, roach.position.y);

How can i edit this to make it work, where roach.heading is my angle i want to rotate it to in degrees.

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Try this:

var image = roach.image,
    ctx = this.gameContext,
    widthHalf = Math.floor( image.width / 2 ),
    heightHalf = Math.floor( image.height / 2 );;

ctx.translate( roach.position.x, roach.position.y );
ctx.translate( widthHalf, heightHalf );
ctx.rotate( ( Math.PI / 180 ) * roach.heading );
ctx.drawImage( image, -widthHalf, -heightHalf );


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Worked! thanks! just so i understand here, is there a reason you assigned the game context to a var? – nat45928 Nov 2 '12 at 13:50
@nat45928 to avoid typing this.gameContext all the time, I use ctx 6 times so it reduces a lot of typing and text – Esailija Nov 2 '12 at 13:53

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