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I have got an XLL, and want to load it in Excel.

Is there any difference between loading using Tools->AddIn or File->Open other than

  • it is impossible to unload it if I use File->Open;
  • it won't be loaded automatically if I restart Excel.


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Just noticed your question, Yulia. Sorry for the slow response. Assuming you are writing an xll and not a VBA add-in, see the full story at http://xllblog.wordpress.com/2013/07/10/add-in-manager/.

Long story short, File>Open... only calls xlAutoOpen. The Add-in Manager calls xlAutoAdd then xlAutoOpen when you add the file, and xlAutoRemove then xlAutoClose when you remove the file.

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Tools->Addin fires an additional event AddinInstall the first time the addin is installed. Personally I never use this event.
If you want to load an XLL using VBA then you have to use RegisterXLL

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I think from VBA you can also load the .xll with Application.Addins.Add("...path..").Installed = true. Not sure what the difference is between that and RegisterXLL. –  Govert Dec 5 '12 at 18:51
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