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PHP auto minify. Is there any?

I'm using PHP minify (

I have to go to my webpage, create the url's, click upload, copy the the link of the new compressed file into my PHP file as explained here:

This works fine, but how can this be automated? Is there a PHP class for this or can I use one of the PHP classes already included in minify?

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I think you have two main options really.

  1. Use cURL to call the google code minifier.
  2. Use a different minifier that you can run locally. Try: (Requires Java runtime) (Windows only)
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You can write a wrapper with CURL to send your files to the server, gets the returned text and outputs it to the client.

Beware, though, that it will slow down your server a lot (it will minify the code every time someone asks for it). So you would need a caching mechanism to do it only once.

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