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I am creating a DNN module, and have a working module based on this: http://www.subodh.com/Projects/DNN-Module.

When I install it on a DNN 5.6.2 installation, everything works fine, except the .ascx files do not copy over. If I copy the .ascx files manually, the module works fine.

My .dnn file looks like this:

                <controlKey />
                <iconFile />
                <helpUrl />

Specifically, Control1.ascx does not get copied to the DesktopModules/SignUp directory.

I do not get an error. Here is the relevant section of what DNN says when installing the module. I get no errors on install.

Info    Component installed successfully - Script
Info    Starting Installation - Module
Info    Module registered successfully - SignUp
Info    Component installed successfully - Module
Info    Starting Installation - Assembly

Can anyone tell me why the controls are not copying over to the appropriate directory?


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2 Answers

It seems you have a mistake in <controlSrc> tag, maybe you mean: <controlSrc>DesktopModules/SignUp.Control1/Control1.ascx</controlSrc>

Also you need to mention this file in <component type="File">:

<component type="File">
      <path>Your Desire Path</path>
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Thanks! It seems you have to both register the controls, and also move their files over. –  John Marion Nov 3 '12 at 21:14
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In addition to Ehsan's answer you can use MSBuild and Chris Hammonds template (http://christoctemplate.codeplex.com) which will create a resources zip and you have a single resources node rather than individual nodes for each file

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Thanks very much. I have started using that template. It's a big help. –  John Marion Nov 3 '12 at 21:14
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