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When in coffeescript I try to bind the dragstart event on an image in an onload trigger I get the following error:

Uncaught TypeError: Cannot set property 'ondragstart' of undefined 

Here's my code:

image_url = "some.url"

@image = $ new Image()
@image[0].onload = () =>
    @image.on( 'dragstart', () -> false )

@image.attr 'src', image_url
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Fixed it with this:

@image[0].onload = () =>
  @image.on 'mousedown', (e) -> e.preventDefault();

Mouse down, in combination with prevent default..

In this example they do bind it like I do in the question though: http://eightmedia.github.com/hammer.js/slideshow/

Still wondering what I'm missing here..

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