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In my country (Croatia), currency values are formatted like this:

123.456.789,00 kn

I have MVC application that requires the user to enter a price of something. My model represents that field with decimal? variable. When user enters this number:


MVC returns this error message:

The value xxx is not valid for the field.

although that number is correctly formatted. After I've changed my variable data type from decimal? to just decimal, everything works (user can enter number 5.678,22 and MVC doesn't return an error).

So my question is: what's going on? Is it possible that this is some kind of a bug in .NET framework? I'm using .NET framework 4.5.

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This Stack Overflow post may be able to assist you, or you can just more directly check this Blog by Phil Haack, he uses a customized model binder that detects your Culture Info when binding decimals.

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