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I'm trying to format some range by using conditionalFormatting feature of EPPlus. I read many document but there is nowhere mentions about Conditional Formatting Expression.

I'm very confusing. Don't know how to use that feature. Here are my some questions:

  1. Can we use multiple range to put into parameter ExcelAddress (like "H1:H17,L1:L17,"AA1:AA17")
  2. The formual is put into Formual property is somehow like Interop Excel or not? (like we use "A1" to represent for the current cell for formatting in interop excel)
  3. Can you give me a small demo code leg that use Conditional Formatting Expression.

Thank you!

(Sorry for bad English I wrote)

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I have found out solution by myself. Please take an example code:

ExcelAddress _formatRangeAddress = new ExcelAddress("B3:B10,D3:D10,F3:F10,H3:H10:J3:J10");
// fill WHITE color if previous cell or current cell is BLANK:
// B3 is the current cell because the range _formatRangeAddress starts from B3.
// OFFSET(B3,0,-1) returns the previous cell's value. It's excel function.
string _statement = "IF(OR(ISBLANK(OFFSET(B3,0,-1)),ISBLANK(B3)),1,0)";
var _cond4 = sheet.ConditionalFormatting.AddExpression(_formatRangeAddress);
_cond4.Style.Fill.PatternType = OfficeOpenXml.Style.ExcelFillStyle.Solid;
_cond4.Style.Fill.BackgroundColor.Color = Color.White;
_cond4.Formula = _statement;

// fill GREEN color if value of the current cell is greater than 
//    or equals to value of the previous cell
_statement = "IF(OFFSET(B3,0,-1)-B3<=0,1,0)";
var _cond1 = sheet.ConditionalFormatting.AddExpression(_formatRangeAddress);
_cond1.Style.Fill.PatternType = OfficeOpenXml.Style.ExcelFillStyle.Solid;
_cond1.Style.Fill.BackgroundColor.Color = Color.Green;
_cond1.Formula = _statement;

// fill RED color if value of the current cell is less than 
//    value of the previous cell
_statement = "IF(OFFSET(B3,0,-1)-B3>0,1,0)";
var _cond3 = sheet.ConditionalFormatting.AddExpression(_formatRangeAddress);
_cond3.Style.Fill.PatternType = OfficeOpenXml.Style.ExcelFillStyle.Solid;
_cond3.Style.Fill.BackgroundColor.Color = Color.Red;
_cond3.Formula = _statement;

In the above example,

  • _formatRangeAddress is the range that will be applied for the conditional formatting by the expression. The first cell in this range will be used in the condition formula. (B3).
  • _statement is the formula used to calculate the condition, this string doesn't start with equal sign (=) (difference point from MS Excel), the cell which is used to make expression is the first cell in the _formatRangeAddress. (B3).

Hope this is helpful to others who need. -Han-

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can u provide for the "Contains" text conditional formatting –  Annadate Piyush Nov 1 '14 at 11:10
It is Excel function. I see that they use ISNUMBER and SEARCH funcions.… –  Han Jan 11 at 7:51
I want to use Conditional Formatting direct on Excel but I have no clear the current on your expression. You used as expression IF(AND(ISBLANK(OFFSET(B3,0,-1)),ISBLANK(B3)),1,0) and, in the code comment you says // fill WHITE color if one of previous cell or current cell is BLANK:. Where is the reference to current cell? I only see B3. –  jotapdiez Aug 26 at 14:42
Hi. The _formatRangeAddress starts from B3, so in the formula, I use B3, It's current cell. Previous cell is OFFSET(B3,0,-1). The comment seems not to be right. I'll correct the example statement. –  Han Aug 30 at 5:12

There is support for conditional formatting in the 3.1 beta version of EPPlus.

Take a look at the source-code here:

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Actually this does not really focus on my question :( –  Han Nov 5 '12 at 10:19

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