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Am trying to build a complex queryset whereby am joining with other tables. What is buzzling me here is that am able to see the query when i print the queryset.query but as i call it from my code its returning no result.

class CarManager(models.Manager):
    def get_query_set(self):
        return super(CarManager, self).get_query_set().filter(version_to__isnull=True)

    def my_cars(self, language, user):

            select = {
                'make_display' : '`%s`.`%s`' % (ModelLookUpI18n._meta.db_table, ModelLookUpI18n._meta.get_field('make_display').column),
                'model_display' : '`%s`.`%s`' % (ModelLookUpI18n._meta.db_table, ModelLookUpI18n._meta.get_field('model_display').column),
                'trim_display'  : '`%s`.`%s`' % (ModelLookUpI18n._meta.db_table, ModelLookUpI18n._meta.get_field('trim_display').column),
            tables = [
                '`%s`' % ModelLookUpI18n._meta.db_table,
            where = [
                '`%s`.`%s` = `%s`.`%s`' % (ModelLookUpI18n._meta.db_table, ModelLookUpI18n._meta.get_field('model').column, ModelLookup._meta.db_table, ModelLookup._meta.get_field('id').column),
                "`%s`.`%s`='%s'" % (ModelLookUpI18n._meta.db_table, ModelLookUpI18n._meta.get_field('language').column, language)

        print qs.query # prints the SQL statement
        print qs # always prints []
        return qs

When I copy the query printed in the console and paste it into mySQL terminal I 21 records and it looks very normal to me. Yet, the queryset is always empty, any ideas on how to debug further?

Oh, I even monitored the MYSQL execution log to make sure what is going to the engine is matching what is printed by qs.query and its the same.

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Interresting, did you try to paste the query in manage.py dbshell ? That would find out if it's a permission problem I guess. –  jpic Nov 2 '12 at 15:05
i found the problem, when i the alias name cannot be the same name as the field in the select params. I had to replace "make_display" with "make_i18n" for example in order for it to work –  Mo J. Mughrabi Nov 2 '12 at 15:49

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