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I want to get started with mobile development, but am not sure where to start.

Which should I choose to start with, iPhone, Android, Blackberry, or Palm?

iPhone seems to be pretty easy...

Any advice or resources for someone just learning about mobile programming?

Edit: I mean developing apps for the phone hardware.

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Do you have one of these phones? Start with programming something for a phone you already have. That's probably going to be the cheapest solution. –  ZippyV Aug 23 '09 at 22:34
I hate to close a legitimate question, but this is a dupe: stackoverflow.com/questions/1092144/… –  MusiGenesis Aug 23 '09 at 22:56

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Well, depending on you invidual case, this might not be just a duplicate of


One possible way to look at this is: What language do you already know how to program in?

If you already know the basics, then you mostly need to adapt what you know to a resource constrained device with a small screen, avoid battery drain and deal with mobile wireless connection issues.

  • Palm Pre development is only targetted at its web browser.

  • iPhone is Objective-C.

  • Android, the standard part of it, is Java only but it has its own APIs.

  • Blackberry is J2ME only, with proprietary extensions.

  • Windows Mobile is J2ME or the .Net compact framework.

  • Symbian lets you choose: you can target one of the web browsers, use Symbian OS C++, use more standard C/C++, python for Series60, NS-Basic, .Net, J2ME, Ruby or write your own runtime!

For resources, start with each manufacturer's website before asking more targetted questions here.

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Well, pick a device and start from there, because they are all different. I take it you are talking about local applications, and not just websites optimised for them?

Once you pick a device you can easily find a tutorial from there.

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It's all about you and your preferences. If you want to focus yourself on business users (calendars, office applications), choose Blackberry. If you want to program, well, how do I say this avoiding flame-bait..., some "casual" applications, iphone seems to be a valid choice.

On the other side, Blackberry and Palm are platforms that are going to be forgotten in some time. I don't know is it smart option to START programming now on these platforms. Android and iPhone are "next generation" smart phones, in my opinion.

If I start now to program for smartphones, I took Android.

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You can idea about basic programming language like C/C++/Java and other.You can basic idea of three language so you essay to develop any mobile application

mobile application development

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