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In a QThread based class, I have a QWebPage, when loadFinished(), I need to parse the contents, it would stuck the UI. So I put everything in a thread:

class Thread: public QThread
      Thread (QObject *p): QThread (p)
         moveToThread (this);
         connect (&page, SIGNAL(loadFinished(bool)), SLOT(loadFinished(bool)));
   private slots:
      void loadFinished (bool ok)
         // never get called, unless I remove the `moveToThread(this)`

I also tried to move the event of QWebPage to this qthread based class as well, I got errors, seems you can't move the event to a new thread.

Any ideas on it?

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Unfortunately, Qt GUI elements can't be created on a separate thread than the main GUI thread. If you are trying to compensate for GUI slow downs due to resource loading in the QWebPage, I completely understand your thought process. I have thoroughly investigated this issue and haven't found too clear of an answer yet.

There has been a reported bug for proxy lookups in Windows taking a long time: This bug is currently unresolved, but may have a resolution in the future.

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