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As the title says:

Are there any restrictions on which component in MVC that can hold a reference to?

Can a view hold a reference to a controller? And so on..

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The View must have a reference to the Controller so that it can execute methods on the Controller when the user performs actions.

The View should also have a reference to the Model so that it can update itself when the Model changes.

The Controller has references to the Model and the View. Typically these are references to Interface types to allow them to be mocked during unit testing.

Side note: I personally prefer the MVP pattern as I feel it can be easier to test. In an MVP application, the View is a very, very thin layer that barely requires testing at all. The Controller does all the work and can be well-tested using a mocked View and Model.

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Thank you Duncan:) –  LuckyLuke Nov 2 '12 at 20:33

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