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I'm trying to create an Ant target to convert all line endings in a project to CRLF

<target name="eol-conversion">
    <echo message="Converting EOL" />
    <property name="workspace.root" location="../../.." />
    <property name="theproject" location="${workspace.root}/theproject" />
    <echo message="${theproject}" />
    <fixcrlf srcdir="${theproject}" includes="**/*.fileext" eol="crlf" />

It finds the target directory ok, but it changes all occurrences of (£) to (�) when I run the target.

I'm not sure what I've done wrong as I've basically just taken one of the examples from the Ant Apache manual.

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Nevermind! I found that adding encoding="ISO-8859-1" into the fixcrlf tag fixed the issue.

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